Activities 2015 

Dr. David Trobisch

12/6/2015 Springfield, MO. Community Christian Church, 4806 E. Cherry Rd.. 9:15 AM The Oldest Gospel published by Marcion (continuing education). 10:30 Sermon (lectionary reading Lk 3:1-6): Would the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

11/20-24/2015 SBL Atlanta, Georgia: 

10/16/2015 St Louis, MO. 42nd Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies. Visual Database of New Testament Manuscripts (VDNT).

09/01/2015 Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City, 7:00 PM. From papyrus to print. The amazing history of the Bible as a book.

07/22/2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina, International SBL. Paul and Pauline Literature 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. Reading the Letters of Paul in Context: A Literary Approach.

06/28/2015 Santa Clara, CA. Theocomm conference, Santa Clara University. 10 AM. Modern media and performance. 

06/20/2015 New York, NY. Catholic Bible Summit, 50th year of Dei Verbum. When the word becomes flesh: Creating an environment we can live in.

06/19/2015 Philadelphia, NY. American Bible Society, Board meeting. Meditation: Engaging the Bible.

06/17/2015 Washington, DC. ESPERANZA. Presidential Breakfast. Museum of the Bible - Performance of 1Cor 13.

05/16/2015 Dresden, Germany. TU Dresden, Arbeitskreis Antike. Die Kanonische Ausgabe des Neuen Testaments: Projektbericht.

 04/09/2015 Oklahoma City, MOTB lecture series. 7:00 PM. What do the manuscripts of the Bible teach us? Insights, mysteries, and new perspectives on the origin of the Christian Bible.

03/05/2015 Dresden, Germany. Conference on Marcion research, TU Dresden. Die Unterscheidbarkeit einer vorkanonischen und der Kanonischen Ausgabe und ihre Folgen für die Textkritik.

03/02/2015 Antalya, Turkey. United Bible Societies. Is there an original text?

02/13/2015 Yaounde, Cameroon (Africa). NSBT (United Bible Societies). The original text of the New Testament: Challenges and implications for Bible translators. 

01/15/2015 Lörrach, Germany. Schuldekanat, 19:30. Die Handschriften des Neuen Testaments und ihre Erforschung.

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