Epaphroditus, Roman publisher of JosephusFlavius Josephus (ca. 37-100 CE)
Seminar with Dr. David Trobisch

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Josephus, the first century Judean historian, writes about Jesus of Nazareth, John the Baptist, Pilate, James the Just, the fall of Jerusalem, Pharisees and Sadducees, the canon of Jewish Scripture and many other topics half a century before the New Testament was put together and published for the first time. His geographic descriptions have been validated by modern archeology, his portrayal of the religious scene at the time of Jesus forms a welcome contrast to the descriptions from the Dead Sea Scrolls and from Early Christian writings.

We will start with his autobiography (Life) and then read excerpts from his other three books: Jewish War, Antiquities, Against Apion. The objective is to equip you with enough background information to read and enjoy his books on your own.


If there is a passage you would like to read in class and have us discuss it, note it and send me an email. We will read from the following chapters in class.

2nd week: The Jewish War

3rd week: The Antiquities

4th week: Against Apion


Participants will meet four times for 2.5 hours in a small group setting. In our meetings we will read excerpts and discuss striking parallels and differences to New Testament writings. 

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Feel free to contact Dr. David Trobisch by email at david.trobisch@gmail.com.


* The image depicts Epaphroditus, Josephus' Roman publisher.


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